Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jungle Bells

Soooo....I forgot to go ahead & publish this post a week or so ago.  Whoops!  Also, for some reason, it posted after another that I'd started a couple days ago as well (but just finished).  Hmmmm...

Nighttime Zoo is back!  This probably doesn't excite most people, but it makes me pretty happy.  It means that Ezra has a place to go after his mid-afternoon nap.  It means that I'm not stuck walking him around the neighborhood for the millionth time.  It means we have a reason to bundle him up in his hat, mittens and heavy coat (for the 40 degree weather ;-)).

 And here's Ezra, napping in his stroller the day before...but once again, at the zoo.  He looked so sweet & cozy, I just had to take a picture.

In other news, Ez is getting some more teeth.  Poor kid.  He's also incredibly mobile.  And pretty clumsy at times...which means he's had a couple face-bruises :(  It's tough being a toddler.