Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Hodgepodge.

Ezra has been a busy little man lately.  He's currently getting a couple more teeth, so we've been nursing A TON, having some really crazy sleeping times and he even had his first fever.  Poor kid.  One minute he's cool - just running around, snacking on his puffs & playing with toys and BAM!...He's crying because his adorable little mouth is hurting.  I can't blame him.  I mean, teeth are a pain sometimes.

He HAS been a good sport and has very much enjoyed trying some delicious homemade kale chips.  I've shared this recipe before, but it's worth sharing again.  'Tis delicious.  If you think you don't like kale, try these.  They taste like salt & vinegar chips...yum :)

Another new thing that's been, uh..."fun" is that Ezra has decided that he no longer likes to sit down in the tub for his baths (or as he calls them, "Ba! Ba!")  Instead, he likes to stand up to play with the faucet, which is covered by a cute whale faucet cover, or just to get a better vantage point from which to pour water on me with his toys & cups.  If his tantrums weren't so crazy, what with the back-arching, screeching, arms & legs flailing...I might force his little butt to sit down.  But a hard, water-filled tub is not a place I'd like to test the strength of his skull.  So, he wins that battle.  For now.

Also, he seems to be gaining steam in the area of appetites...yay!  He's still nursing a ton, but he has started eating more solids.  He's a growing boy, people.

Seriously, he's growing like a weed.  His pants that used to require a double-cuff roll....are now down to a single roll.  That change happened overnight.  Or, close to it anyways ;-)

And here's some pictures I've snapped of the boy...

We went to the zoo again the other evening.  Here's Jordan & Ez right at the entrance, where they had some fake, soapy snow falling down :)

 I'm not sure when this one was taken...sometime this past week, I think.  Definitely at night, evidenced by the Robot Destroyer pajamas :)  Also, since I took both of them on my phone, I put them through Instagram - just in case you were wondering.