Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lots and lots of catching up!

I'm so, so, so behind.  We had friends in town for Thanksgiving, then Ez started with some random fevers, then it was Christmas cookie-baking time.  While baking used to take about a day to complete...it's now a week-long adventure, thanks to an ever-curious toddler.  He likes to help...and by help, I mean, watch the mixer, measure out sugar & flour, sift flour (this is always messy), and whine "cookie!  coooooooookiiiieeeee!" for several hours ;-)

So, here's some pics that have been piling up...

Ez likes to take the presents out from under the tree, line them up, "count" them, then not put them back.  Fun.

I caught him playing in a hole that the dogs had started.  He made it even bigger.  And messier.

Then he took fistfuls of dirt, put it on his roller coaster, smeared it around, then slid down in the dirt...on his belly...SUPER FUN (for me to clean up ;))

This train was one of Ezra's favorite things inside the Bellagio.  He forced us to watch it go around and around and around.....again and again and again ;-)

And here's his other favorite part of the holiday decorations.  He kept signing bear and cold.  He's so damn cute.

We met up with my cousin, Lindsey, who was in town for a conference.  Of course, we ended up on a tram (for Ezra), went to see the fountain show at the Bellagio, ate some food, and saw some ridiculous attire.  Ahh...Vegas.  
Ezra seems really intrigued with Lindsey in this one...

I'm going to try really hard to get caught back up before this weekend....when we have more guests in town ;-)  It's Hotel Blaustein, people...and we're now taking reservations for 2013!