Monday, December 24, 2012

Monthly Pics, Hotel Blaustein & SHUT IT DOWN!

First and foremost...Ezra would like you all to know how old he is!

He really didn't want me to take his picture without him holding the chalkboard in front of his face...but I finally got one (out of the twenty-three that I took).

A few days before that, I'd left Ez, happily playing in the living room.  I came back about 2 minutes later to find him sitting at the table (it's a counter-height table, mind you), tearing into these tomatoes like they were apples.  I couldn't be mad...there was a container of cookies within his reach, but he chose the tomatoes :)


Our friends came back to visit for a couple days.  The boys were, once again, awesome together.  They really get along well.  Here they are, wearing mesh strainers as hats (pastafarians?!), riding fire trucks, after terrorizing the living room.

Where did they go?  I swear they were just here!

Surprise!  (or, as Ez says...PIES!)

We went down to the strip for some sightseeing.  Here's the boys inside Treasure Island, looking only halfway impressed ;-)

Our main reason for going to the strip (and our friends' main reason for visiting!) was to go to Gordon Ramsay's newest restaurant, BurGR.  We seriously have seen every show he's ever done (thank you, Netflix) and are kind of obsessed with the man.  We ended up eating there on it's opening night (!!!!) and it was freaking awesome.  Seriously.  We waited approximately 4 times longer than we were quoted (it was first come, first reservations).  But even with that, it was phenomenal.  It's strictly a casual burger place...with a distinct Gordon Ramsay twist.  Like, you can get fries (omg, the best fries I've ever had) just plain, truffle fries w/ truffle aioli, or sweet potato fries sprinkled with vanilla sugar served with honey jalapeƱo mayo.  What?  Seriously?  The burgers are just as perfectly-extravagant...and just as delicious.  Oh, and the desserts -- are milkshakes...with pudding.  OHMYGOD.  So good.   The service was great, the decor was was definitely a great time.
Here's my Mini-Man, eating some fries (dipped in curry ketchup)... 

And finally, a couple nights later, a cute shot of Ez in his Elmo slippers :)