Thursday, December 20, 2012


(almost in time for Christmas!)  

Our dear friends, the Champagne's, came out to celebrate Thanksgiving with us!  Ez and Des have known eachother since pre-birth, thanks to our Bradley birth class.  The funny thing is how close they are in age, yet how far apart they are in size.  Ez is the second smallest of the group (and the youngest) and Desmond is the biggest - and the second youngest.  They get along great and were so happy to see each other :)
Here's the boys on the first evening...enjoying a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally game...

We had a DEE-licous Thanksgiving dinner and headed out to Fremont Street to do a little touristy-sightseeing.  It was a little sketchy in the surrounding areas, but the already-revitalized-area is well-secured, loud, touristy, and full of people-watching fun!


The boys had lots of fun playing hide and seek in the giant, oversized wall-cubbies in our living room. 
Finally!  Something to fill them with!  Cute kids!

I have no idea...

Thankful for some seriously delicious food!

I love how Des looks as dejected as the area surrounding Fremont Street does ;-)

Two fire trucks full of real firemen! started handing out these helmets to kids just as we were checking out the trucks.  Ezra was the happiest kid on earth at the moment that the real fireman! came up to him to give him his helmet :)  

The boys, checking out the fountain show at the Bellagio...

Us...and our giant frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 2, just outside Caesars Palace.  Ohmygod.It.Was.Awesome.  Clearly - because Ezra cannot take his eyes off of it ;-)

Post-ice cream peekaboo!

The Hoover Dam at night.

We're as tired as we look ;-)

...and to the left, Nevada.....and to the right, Arizona!

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!