Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching up on belly-photos

I've broken down and decided to post some pictures. We've been taking front/side shots since week 15 (that is, if I'm currently 21 weeks...). The first weeks you can tell I was pretty bloated and there was no baby belly to be seen. I finally started getting a bit of a belly just a few days into my 19th week. Then this week, I had a belly explosion. It's crazy how much it grew - and literally overnight! I feel like my skin can't possibly stretch anymore right now and I'm only halfway through. This is going to get ugly.

The 15-19 week pictures are only bare-belly, starting at 20 weeks, I've added clothed & bare-belly. Consider yourself warned. We'll see how long these bare shots last. I'm thinking I'm going to be a Volvo soon at the rate that I'm going, so they may be nixed pretty quick ;-)

This should quiet the demands for awhile, right?