Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm an awful blogger.

As I've been reminded on a few occasions by the only person who actually reads this mess, it's been quite awhile since I've added anything new. I have no real excuse. Nothing really had been happening that's necessarily baby-related, plus I'm pretty lazy in general. I'm sorry, Angela. I promise to do better now that you've abandoned us on the west coast ;-) I'll try to catch up with all the little things here in this disjointed post. That'll teach you to complain.

So, everything is pretty much progressing as it should. I'm finally looking less like I'm a heavy beer drinker and more like there's a baby in ma belly. It's about time, too. Looking like a college kid with a gut is not attractive. I'm still very far from the point where I'm forced to wear maternity clothes and thankfully my pants fit better than they did before I got pregnant. Yeah for first trimester weight loss! In similar news, apparently being pregnant makes it impossible for me to actually gain weight. I know, as I type this, the weight-gaining gods are laughing. It'll likely happen. And with a vengeance. Pass the Ho-Ho's.

(yes, I'm kidding about the Ho-Ho's)

There is a bit of controversy over exactly how pregnant I really am. Possibly a little over 17 weeks or just a tad over 21 weeks. I have zero desire to have an ultrasound. While one midwife is very much on board with our thoughts and is very easy-going about the whole situation, another is quite pushy and holy-crap-really-needs-us-to-have-it-narrowed-down-by-now. We're not worried about this discrepancy between the two providers because, frankly, the one that is pushing for the ultrasound isn't going to be at the birth. Being held to a due date isn't something I'm interested in, as induction would only be used in an emergency. If it's that important, we'll just assume I'm only 17 weeks -- that should buy us some time, right?! Who knew I'd be so laid-back about this?

Because I'm now the self-proclaimed queen of craigslist bargains, I'm about to be the proud owner of some more awesomeness. I've come across a woman who is unloading some excellent Bum Genius egyptian cotton diapers...and I'm picking up my loot tomorrow. Pretty psyched, so long as they are in the amazing condition that she says. They aren't made/sold anymore by the manufacturer but have pretty great reviews from the folks that have tried them in the past. Our plan is to try several different types/brands of diapers and hopefully settle on some favorites...getting rid of the ones we didn't love so that others can love them instead. For the unheard-of price of just over $4 a piece, I simply couldn't pass this deal up. Oh, and just like with the second-hand furniture -- it's not gross. I simply won't put anything on my baby-to-be that I'm not comfortable with. Have no worries. Plus, we're remaining part of this wonderful reduce-reuse cycle and I couldn't be happier about that. I'll share evidence of my score tomorrow if everything goes as planned.

I may or may not decide to post some photos of the progression of my mini-bump. Stay tuned.