Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gardening, Diapers, and Further evidence that there's a baby in my belly

I cannot wait until my tomato plants start giving up the goods. They've more than quadrupled in size over the past month, have had a lot of flowers, but I'm only seeing one little green tomato bud AND it's of the grape variety so it likely won't be getting too awfully big. One. I know that soon enough, I'll have more tomatoes than I can keep up with. I'm just rather impatient and want them NOW. That, and I'm tired of paying for tomatoes at Henry's. While their prices are great, I use a lot of tomatoes -- and having them growing in my very own back yard just seemed perfect.

Now if only I could get my hands on a pizza tree, I'd be set.

Mom's great idea of using my lettuce barrel to grow cucumbers, then later lettuce (using a second tier) seems to still be on hold. Brodie LOVES to curl up in that barrel full of dirt. I feel bad when I think about the plans I have for the vegetables to be grown in it. He cries at the back door in the morning -- not because he has to pee, but because he can't wait to run out and lay in the warm dirt. I never said he wasn't strange.

Lucy, on the other hand, will be content to hang out under the tomato tree and wait for the bounty to become so heavy that it falls to the ground. Because, afterall, if it's on the ground, Lucy firmly believes that it was put there for her to devour. She's our little Hoover. With sharp teeth.

I am the proud owner of 2 more Thirsties covers (washed but never used - pristine condition - $9 each) and also 2 GoodMama's diapers w/ matching inserts ($20 each). The 3rd cover shown (pink) was thrown into the bundle of BG diapers I'd picked up earlier - score! The GoodMama's have been used, but if the previous owner hadn't told me, I would have assumed they were brand new. These are the haute couture diapers of the cloth world. Softest things EVER. I cannot say enough awesome things about Craigslist -- I just can't believe that I'm finding these deals so easily! I'm mildly obsessed with obtaining diapers now.

One observation about cloth diaper people -- so far, they have been the nicest, most friendly people we've ever met. They can't wait to help us newcomers, which is awesome because I still have questions despite all my research.

I've also decided that I'm going to try my hand at knitting again. Being able to make some wool soakers (diaper covers) will save a ton of money and apparently, they work really really well. Plus, little wool covers and pants are just the cutest, so I've gotta give 'em a shot. If I ever get good enough to actually make something other than a square of knit mess, I'll be in business!

And, last but not least -- we have the 19/23 week photos. This would fall under the category of Further evidence that there's a baby in my belly, in case you were keeping track.