Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My favorite food.

I realize that this is neither about dogs nor babies. It's worthy of it's own post, though. Just trust me.

I found this recipe several months ago and have kept it in the rotation ever since. I rave about this every single time I make it. It's awesome. It's super easy. It works for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything in between. You've just gotta make it.

Here's the stock photo, in case you aren't convinced that you should, in fact, check out the link.

I've used thyme in place of the rosemary -- DEEE-licious. I always use at least 3 cloves of garlic (duh) and as much rosemary (or whatever herb I like that day) as I can get/trim/chop. Usually works out to be a LOT more than what is called for, but it's totally worth it. The crust alone is heavenly. Then, add in the filling -- I mean, you just can't go wrong with feta, tomatoes, mozzarella and artichokes. You really can't. Oh, and I always use extra of those, too. Just fill it up as high as your pie pan or baking dish will let you. Do it. Do it now.

Aaaand, you're welcome.

P.S. Tasty Kitchen is a great source of all kinds of different recipes. When I got a little burnt out from making ONLY Pioneer Woman recipes, I turned to her Tasty Kitchen. Just like - it's all user-submitted recipes that are ratable and reviewable by other users. Super helpful and it's been a gold mine of yumminess!