Monday, July 12, 2010

31/34 week photos

Here's the photos for this week:

I think we've decided to go ahead and assume the later due date of Sept 15th, making these the 31 week photos. I have been measuring closer to that date at my appointments (late last week I measured 30.5 weeks, so we're still a little ahead for that date). Mentally, I think I need to believe I'm not due until later than August because I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this whole kid thing. I mean, me. Having a kid.

My mind = blown.

Check out how rounded the belly is getting up top. I didn't notice until I'd uploaded these pictures. I think it happened over the past couple of days. You can really tell in the head-on, bare belly shot. Oh, and you can also see the magnificence that is the linea nigra. Holy geez. It's striking on that ghostly-white belly ;-)
I caved and finally bought a pair of maternity jeans. I'd been putting it off but finally decided to find myself a Gap Maternity. Oh. Ma. Goodness. Why did I wait so long? Okay, I know why...because I thought it was robbery to charge a person more $$ for a pair of pants that she'll wear for just a few months than for the jeans she has been faithfully wearing for years prior. But I digress. These things are magical. Who knew an elastic waistband could make you feel so good?! And thankfully, they don't look like granny pants, which is what you'd normally think of when you think of elastic waistbands, right? Me too.

I also scored 2 cute tops and a wrap dress that were all on clearance. Oh, clearance. My most favorite word. That, plus Gap is giving card holders an extra 15-30% off. I love a bargain. Overall, it was a good day.
My super-duper cucumber plants have just about all flowered! I'm so psyched to have cucumbers growing soon. The plants themselves are getting on ginormous. My tomato plants on the other hand, are still looking like they want to give up on life. Tomato production has stayed steady and everything tastes great...but the big bushy plants I once had have all but given way to the blight. Next year I'll be sure to procure some good seedlings from a nice hippy at the OB Farmer's Market. They know what they're doing.
We've got more guests/tourists coming this weekend. Next up is Jenna and her brand-new fiance, Travis. I'm super excited. And not just because of the possibility of wedding dress shopping, though, I've been wanting to torture her the way she did me ;-)