Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jealous monster

Jordan gets to indulge in 2 of my most favorite things ever tonight. EVER. Those things are champagne and cupcakes. I'm feeling a tad jealous right now just thinking about it. Possibly the best idea for a business group mixer and it has to take place while I'm pregnant...otherwise, I'd open AND close the place down. God, I miss champagne. This better be a quarterly thing. Maybe he can suggest that tonight :-)

Oh, and the champagne is free. Free champagne.

I know. The kid is worth all the abstaining from alcohol. I know. It's just the thought of all those tiny bubbles makes me so happy...and jealous. Also makes me think bad things, like, maybe the kid would like some in-utero bubbly? But no. Clearly that's not happening. But I'm imagining it, damn it.

Also, please send the sunshine back to San Diego. I hear it's been insanely hot on the east coast this past week. Our highs are in the high 60's and the sun is barely making an appearance. You guys stole it. It's time to share.

Edited to Add:
Holy crap. Stuff almost fell off the shelves in the kitchen. Definitely less rolling, more jarring/car accident-like...and surprising that it felt so big. A 5.4 earthquake centered just north of Borrego Springs. Getting much closer to central San Diego...I may have water-front property even sooner than anticipated ;-)