Friday, July 23, 2010

32/35 week photos

I'm super late putting these up. I've been lazy.
So, here they are. This week, I measured right on track for 32 weeks. Once again, I'll put it out there that the kid is now expected in the middle of September (got it, Mom?) That's as exact as it's getting ;-)

And, yes. We were running out of time to take pics for the week, so it got done right before bed on Tuesday. That explains the t-shirt (that's clearly struggling to remain intact) and ugly ponytail. I had no desire to make myself presentable, so you're going to have to suffer through it.

Kid's getting pretty big, huh? The little him/her has been insane lately. Seriously. The moving around, tossing/turning, hiccups, squirming to get cozy...I'm hoping it's going to get it all out now and just be calm and quiet once it's an outside baby. That's how it works, right ;-)

We had an awesome time with Jenna and her brand new fiance, Travis, this past weekend. It was a tad hot at our place, but thankfully they are outdoor-friendly people and we were able to keep cool by being out and about. Brodie got to show off his skills at the dog beach, we checked out the last bit of the Pride Festival in Hillcrest and Stone Brewery got it's obligatory visit, as did the zoo. All in all, it was a great time.

And the belly got rubbed. A lot. Thanks, Jenna.