Friday, July 2, 2010

More Craigslist scores and a new trick!

It's been awhile since I've brought up diapers. Mostly because after spending 2+ days prepping my GMD Indian Prefolds (boil, boil, wash, wash, dry, etc), I needed a break from diapers. Oh, I've still been checking Craigslist, DiaperSwapper, Spot's Corner and our local diaper groups for good deals on the things I still need. Nothing has really stood out until yesterday morning. I found the last of what I need-need in newborn size. Kissaluvs. The highly-recommended newborn-poo-containing diapers. The woman wanted $5 a diaper and that is awesome. I took 12. They are the most used looking of all the things that I've bought so far, but I suspect that the previous owner simply didn't take the extra time to care for them like they needed. Snaps and elastic are all perfect - just some staining and a serious need to be stripped of all the detergent and crap she used. They were a tad (okay, a lot) on the crunchy side...and they are normally super-duper soft dipes. All that said, I'm currently sunning out the stains after 2 major wash cycles. Thank you Charlie's Soap and plain old vinegar! I think you've brought these babies back to life ;-) I'll probably do one good strip-then-sun on them before placing them next to their beautifully-cared-for-by-conscientious-previous-owners neighbors, aka, my newborn stash.

I also managed to score 7 size Small PUL covers. I'm pretty sure there's 3 Bummi's Super Whisper Wraps, 4 Imse Vimses. The prints on the Bummi's are just so freakin cute, I might post some pics later. This completes my PUL cover stash for newborn and small sizes. Jordan couldn't be happier because he's a bit tired of this whole diaper-buying thing.

Update on the staining -- one full day of sunning them on the clothesline and POOF! They look perfect! I thought it would take at least another day, but apparently the San Diego sunshine is magical!

Spork's new trick for this week...(drumroll, please...) Kicking me in the ribs! I was kind of thinking that with this freakishly long torso that I'm told I have, I wouldn't experience this. It's not so bad except when I'm in the car and can't stand up to move the little him/her around. Sometimes it feels like Spork is tickling the inside of my ribs. It's crazy and makes me laugh everytime. Jordan thinks I've completely lost my mind.