Monday, December 13, 2010

I haven't got much to ramble on about today (you're welcome).

Blame it on Easy-E.

He decided that the middle of the night would be the perfect time to want, no, demand, play time.  Holy crap.  We managed to crawl in bed a little after 4am after being up all day and night.  And then somehow, Little Man didn't want or need more than a couple 10 minute food-induced catnaps today.  He's a machine.

Which means I'm dragging ass today.  So here's a few pictures...

He's happy because his hair is 76% less out of control today.

I just really love this one...

My kid is judging you.

Looks like someone forgot his pants...

I'm hoping to get the obligatory picture with Santa sometime this week.  Hopefully Ez won't have the same reaction to Santa that I always did...which generally included tears, wailing, and a horribly pathetic picture with me in a state of panic, Josh trying hard to make up for my tear-streaked frown with a big cheesy grin, and the poor, under-paid mall Santa looking like he really needed a drink.  Ahh, memories.

Wish us luck!