Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Ezra rolled over for the first time last night!  He's been thisclose for weeks now, sometimes getting up on his side, but then falling back down again.  And he didn't really care once he did it either.  I was all prepared for the 5-second-delay-cry that I'd been warned about...but nothing.

I was going to take a picture to document the occasion, but he was naked from the waist down, so I decided against it.  Actually, I did snap a bare-butt picture but I'd hate for some crazy to stumble upon it on here, so private it will stay.  I imagine Ez will thank me one day for this act of discretion.

In other awesome news, Little Man had a visit with Vickii today...and he weighs 10lbs 7.5oz!  She's pleased with his gains and said that as long as we keep up the pace, we're in the clear.  Good news, kids.  Good news indeed.

Here's a shot of Mr. Man in his brand new, supa-cool stroller - courtesy of his Grandma Becky.  He may not look too thrilled, but I can assure you that he enjoys taking Brodie for walks in it.  Plus, it was helpful on the couple of days last week when it was in the 80's here.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE wearing him in the Moby.  It's just nice to have the option to not have sweat pouring down my shirt just from walking around the block ;-)

And here's Ezra just before I had to wake him up to run to Vickii's office today.  He passed out while eating and took a little catnap in his magic chair.  Notice the bib.  I didn't know that breastfed babies ever got much use out of bibs, but damn.  This kid has begun an all-out drooling/spit-up assault on us and his clothing.

Here's his best, "You're not seriously going to start taking pictures of me again, are you?" face.

Help, I'm being attacked by a trunk monkey!

Nevermind, me and monkey are buddies...

And here's a bonus shot of the boy. Take note of just how high I got his pants today. Poor guy's got Grandpa pants ;-)

And finally, here's a short video of Easy-E. It's nothing super exciting (just super cute!) - just a little cooing and smiling for the family that hasn't met him yet...