Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One week from today, we'll be on our way to Maine.  A cross-country flight with a 3 month old.  It's much less the actual flight and moreso the trying to remember to pack each and every little thing that we need.  No matter what, I always forget to pack something for us.  The stakes are higher with Mini-Man in tow.  Cross your fingers for us :-)

I managed to forget to snap a photo of Ez with Vickii for many, many weeks. As in, I meant to get one on the morning he was born, but didn't get around to remembering until he was about 8 weeks old. Too bad I finally remembered right around the time Ez decided to begin his Oh-my-god-what's-happening? cry whenever we were at her office.  I feel like I have to re-emphasize that there is no reason for his outbursts.  No fluorescent lights, no cold tables, no scary people poking him.  Just a super-nice, insanely relaxing person checking his weight and snuggling him.  I'm seriously stumped.

Check out Mr. Frowny-face with our awesome midwife.  His bottom lip began a full-on, pathetic quiver just about the same time the camera came out.  Good timing, Ez.

He's still ridiculously cute though, huh?

We're trying to figure out what's causing some redness on Mr. Man's bottom. Could be yeast. Could be typical diaper rash. It's not always the same from one day to the next and seems to have characteristics of both.  Yes, I've googled.  Masses of pictures of red butts later, I'm still not sure.

After a week of using Earth's Best diaper cream and about a million flushable liners (to protect the diapers), we're getting nowhere.  I wanted to give it a solid week with the liners, then treat his diapers to get rid of any yeast that might be hanging out.  Now we're onto coconut oil.  It's cloth diaper-friendly, so no need to be tearing through liners like they're going out of style, and is supposed to be good for both rashes.  So far, I can tell you that his (adorable) little butt smells like a freshly cracked coconut.

Here's a few shots of the boy.  Disregard the giant diaper on him - I was keeping him loosely diapered and coverless all day to let his little butt breathe.  I'll add that this kid can pee.  Like, I needed to change him every 15 minutes.  And that's on top of him playing human fountain while I let him "air it out" for a couple minutes during each change.  What I'm trying to say is that his kidneys are fully-functional.

And yes, his hair is nuts.  No, there's really no good way (other than greasing it up) to get it to lay down.  Yes, I find it completely adorable :-)