Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's talk about poop, baby. (And zoo pics!)

I've been taking a break from introducing solids to Ez.  While I felt that he was ready to start tasting some new and exciting things, his little tummy has proven that it was not, in fact, ready.  He went a whole 4 days without pooping.  He's never gone 24 hours without pooping before.  Actually, it was closer to 18 hours, though some crazy days, he'd only go once a day.  Usually twice, though.  Clearly, I was a nervous mess.  He began showing signs of discomfort here and there and was also breaking out in a bit of a rash.  When he finally did, his outward signs began disappearing and now - they're all a thing of the past.

Anyways, his teensy-tiny, perfect little gut told us that it wasn't pleased...and I listened.  He has since returned to a once-a-day schedule, thankfully, though I'd feel much better if he was still a little more mobile in the ways of the colon ;-)  We'll revisit solids again once I'm satisfied his pooper is completely back on track.
Jordan had an early day at the office on Wednesday, so we headed to the zoo to enjoy the sunshine.  Here's Jordan & Ez.

This is as good as we could do with the monkey face mask :)  He's just a tad too little right now.

 Here's the 3 of us on a Galapagos turtle.  All the real ones were busy, well, being turtles.

 Ezra on the half-shell...Turtle Power!  Come on, you remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right?

Jordan took Ezra down the slide.  Here they are at the top...

And here they are at the bottom!  Ez seemed to like it...but I don't know that he really particularly cared either way.

 Jordan & Ezra hanging out in the Children's zoo.

 He was mid-squeal here.  Oh, and mid-hair-pull ;-)

 If you squint...or just enlarge the photo, you can see Jordan & Ezra on the bridge.

 Jordan and Ez near the petting zoo!

 Neither Jordan, nor Ezra.  Just a pretty coral tree against an equally pretty blue sky.  Yay, San Diego!