Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shiny Happy People

I just saw a news report about an accident causing a huge traffic jam here in San Diego.  They were interviewing drivers, asking how bad it was and every person ended their statement with the same sentiment - ..."but the weather is so nice - it's just a great day for a drive!" or "...but it's Southern California...!"

Seriously, I LOVE Sand Diego.

I feel like I'm constantly sorting through Ezra's clothes, putting away the ones that are too small and bringing out the new, bigger sizes.  Like, every few days the pile of "doesn't fit anymore" grows and grows.  I'm not a fan of all this growing.  Not a fan at all.

Perhaps it would be easier if all the sizing wasn't as screwed up as it is.  It's worse than the vanity sizing that adults deal with.  Seriously.  Ez is currently fitting in a few 0-3 month all the way to some 12 month pieces.  Oh, and one newborn-sized hoodie.  Crazy, I tell ya.
Here's Ezra.  Doesn't he look more like a little boy and less like a baby?  You can also see the gloriously sharp teeth he's got :)

And then he goes right back to my sweet little baby again - 

Then we had a bit of a heat rash situation happening, so there was lots of naked time.  For Ezra.  Once the diaper went back on, the camera came back out.  I swear, he looks like he's in the middle of a conversation here.  The kid can pose.

Then he caught a glimpse of something super-interesting on the television and refused to look at me.  I think this is the beginning of us not leaving the TV on as background noise anymore ;-)