Saturday, May 21, 2011

Visitors from Vegas

Brandi and Job came down for a few days to enjoy a little of the San Diego awesomeness and to meet Ezra.  Despite the clouds and cool temperatures, we had a great time.

They brought their pup, NaHolly.  She's super-cute and Brodie was just head over heels for her.  They played a lot, which was great for them...and made Ezra very happy as well :)  After years of trying (to no avail) to get Lucy to play with him, Brodie is a pro at playing with little dogs.  Here's one of them playing together:

Then it was naptime.  They really did take naps all snuggled up.  Too cute :)

We all went to the dog beach...but didn't stay too long.  It was insanely windy and a little too cold.  Here's me and Ez right before we headed back to the car & over to the park instead.

After the park, we drove over to Sunset Cliffs -- just in time to see the sun tuck in behind the clouds :(  The wind definitely made for some pretty spectacular waves, though.

Oh, and here's Ez and Brandi playing on the way to the dogpark.  Ezra thought having Sophie on his head was hilarious.

And finally, here's Little Man - all tired out from a hard day of playing and being loved on :)

I'm just now realizing that I took zero pictures of Job while he was here.  Sorry, Job.  Guess you guys will have to come back again.  Too bad ;-)