Thursday, September 22, 2011

365 days. 12 months. 1 year.


One whole year.

It's been one whole year since my Mini-Man was born.

Really?  Because it seems like it was just a few days ago...maybe a month.  Maybe.

Just the other day, I swear - I woke up with contractions that I knew...I just knew...meant that I was having a baby that day.  They were very different from the contractions I'd been feeling for months.  Even different from the contractions I'd had the evening before.  They were real, strong-but-managable contractions.

That were pushing a baby out.  Holy crap, they meant a baby was a-coming :)

And then he was born.  The most amazing, perfect, beautiful little boy.  Absolutely perfect.

After having the easiest, best pregnancy...he'd given me a very uneventful, smooth birth at home.  It was a great start.  And it continued.

Sure - we had some weight-gain issues that caused around-the-clock-nursing for over 3 months.  But I wouldn't trade that time I spent with him for anything.  I got to know every breath, every movement of this kid.  It made me fall in love with him even more than I thought was possible.

The months flew by.  He watched his first football game at 4 days old.  Took his first walk (to the end of the block!) at just over 1 week old.  Smiled his first, real smile at a couple weeks old.  Went on his first plane ride at 3 months old.  Spent his first Christmas at his Grandpa's house in Maine & met my whole family. Attended his first wedding at 4 months.  Went to Maryland with me at 6 months and got his first tooth while we were there.  Started army-crawling at 8 months.  Began consistently signing "milk" at 11 months.  Became a cruising and crawling machine, also by 11 months.

He melts my heart every single day.

Every day, he learns something new.  Something different will catch his eye...make him smile or laugh...and I become a puddle of goo.  He's absolutely the most amazing person I've ever known.  I tell him every single day.

This past year has been the best, most exciting, exhausting year of my life.  I wouldn't change a second of it.  Ezra has made it amazing.

Here's some pictures of the boy, to mark the special day!  I couldn't choose just a couple...

His birthday party is Saturday.  It's a barnyard-themed party at a local park...with all of his little friends.  I'll post photos of the shindig shortly ;-)