Friday, September 16, 2011


I've been told that I need to update more.

I know.  I do.

It's just that this kid requires absolutely every ounce of my energy...and then some.  He's quite a handful these days :)  Right now, it's a little after 1:15am.  Ez is asleep next to me.  Jordan is snoring away.  And I'm up...with my laptop glaring it's bright light into my eyes and an episode of Grey's Anatomy from last season (I'm trying to catch up!) on in the background.

You're welcome.
We've been pretty busy for the past month and a half.  First, my mom was in town for a week, then we had Jordan's younger brother...and now we're gearing up for Mini-Man's first birthday bash.

Oh, man.  Busy, busy, busy.

Here's E-Z playing with his 5-sided barnyard toy.  He LOVES this thing.  The doors, the animals, the spinning pieces, the beads...he's just in love!  Oh, and he also loves being naked.

Here's a shot of Jordan, Chad and Ezra at the zoo.

And here's a cute one of Chad with his new best friend.