Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outtakes from Grammy's Visit

I've got some photos that wouldn't normally have made the cut...but they're just too cute not to share...

We spent the day shopping at Fashion Valley...Ezra scored some pretty awesome new trucks and some other various toys.  But even with his new swag, he still refused to smile at the camera at the same time as his Grammy.  I guess it's a positive that he's smiling at all, right?!

Here's one of Ezra and his Grammy Becky.  You can kind of make out Ez in the fly-face on the right.  He's mostly just laughing at my Mom, I think.  
Honestly, the kid wouldn't stick his adorable little face through the damn hole.  

 And this would be another outtake.  Ezra was intrigued by the goats and sheep in the petting much that he couldn't take his eyes off of them...even for a quick photo ;-)