Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ezra's Last Swim Lesson!

Last Thursday, Ez had his final swim lesson with Ms. Jamey.  It was a 2 week long, Monday through Thursday schedule, 30 minutes a day.  Ezra got to take his lessons with his friend Claire and another new friend named Lucy.  He seemed to really like being in the water, playing, kicking & paddling...everything that didn't include me passing him off to Jamey.  Turns out, he's just in a super-clingy phase and will scream & cry real baby tears if I pass him off to someone :(  

Either way, the final day, Jamey went easy on our little E-Man & let me do everything with him.  Guess what?  

He did awesome!  He didn't fuss or cry or even seem pissed off at all when I put him underwater over and over again :)  

Here's a shot of me and Little Man.

Here's Nancy and The Little Mermaid, Claire.  That girl...she's so unbelievably cute.  And easy-going.  Super cool kid.

And here's me and Ezra.  Disregard my funny-underwater-face.

And finally, here's a short clip of Ez going from the edge of the pool, to underwater.  You can see him suck in and hold his breath.  SO cute.