Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ezra's 1st Birthday Party!

Ezra's birthday was held on September 24, a Saturday.  It was a sunny, perfectly warm, slightly breezy day at Pepper Grove Park (a picnic/park area within Balboa park) -- perfect for a birthday party.  Ezra had a great time.  Really - for the past couple months, he's been super-clingy and super-fussy if he was not being held by me and me alone.  But, on the day of his party, he was amazing.  He wanted to sit & play with his friends, mingle with guests, and be loved on by his fans ;-)  
I'm SO proud of my boy.  He's growing up!

A shot from the sidewalk/road...

A little closer - 

I used all of Ezra's monthly photos to do a flowerpot, Watch Him As He Grows! display.

It's Cowboy Ezra!

 He was SO happy!

 The Three Amigos!  A few of Ez's friends decided to get the party started with the kiddie, animal-croquet.

The cupcake tower!  We got cupcakes from Cupcakes Squared in Point Loma.  They're really good.  Like, really, really good.  We opted for some gluten-free minis in Vanilla, gluten-free regular-sized in Cinnamon, and regular-sized Chocolate.  Mmmmmmmm.

 At first, I wasn't sure he was going to want to eat any.  Then he touched it.  Squished it.  Shoved a little in his face.  It was all over from there.

 Here he is, full-on digging in.

 Ezra likes cupcakes.

 That was the end of it.  One bite of cake and a few "bites" of delicious frosting...and the cutest face you've ever seen :)

Angela & Luna, taking a break from playing photographer to pose with some straw bales...

 Desmond & Claire playing Pin The Spot On The Cow!

 He was proud of his spot placement.

 Pretty little Claire choosing the perfect place for her spot.

 Ez didn't so much want to play...but he did want to have his picture taken.

 Ezra & Daddy!

 My happy little birthday boy!

I've got more pictures, but I've got to split it amongst a couple posts - otherwise nothing will ever load.  Stay tuned!