Monday, January 23, 2012

16 Months!

My boy turned 16 months today!  

He's growing up SO fast.  I am constantly doing double-takes, catching myself, in awe of just how much he's grown.  Every single day, there's something new.  He's amazing.

Here's some of what Ezra has been up to lately...

-He loves to chase.  At the park, at the store, down the sidewalk...anywhere.  He squeals with excitement whilst grinning and making fists, then runs after me.  It kills me dead.  
-He tried (and loved!) salmon!  Jordan picked some up, on a whim, and Ez loved it!  In case you're wondering, it was wild-caught, Sockeye salmon.
-Those teeth that were driving him mad this past month?  3 or 4 of them have clearly come in (it's hard to tell - he's not too excited about my finger in his mouth.).  There's still 2 or 3 that are hovering...just waiting to come in.  I think the worst is over, for this round :)
-Playdates with his friends are getting to be more and more fun!  He even held hands & walked around with his friend Claire!  Seriously, it was crazy-cute.  They hugged and held hands and just made us melt.  Adorable!
-Ba! is still his word for bath, Mamama and Dadada are still works in progress.  He's playing around with different sounds, feeling them out, and taking his time.  
-His current arsenal of signs?  Milk, dog, more, sleepy, please, water, all done, bye.  
-He still loves to give high-fives and blow kisses.
-The bike is now something that is just to be played with and no longer ridden.  Screaming fits happen if we attempt to put him on it for a bike-ride :(
-His stroller has come back into play, thankfully, as a means of transportation - not just something for him to push.  
-The zoo is more fun each time we go!
-Swinging on the swing set at a playground is at the top of the "Ezra's favorite Things" list.  He also goes down the slides (the little ones) all by himself!
-He's absolutely amazing.  And I tell him every single day.

Here's some pictures:

This should be titled, Pouty Ez.

Such a big boy :)

Getting him to look in the general direction of the camera was difficult.

This is him signing Milk.  He does it with two hands if he's yelling ;-)

After reviewing this picture, we both decided it's time for a haircut.  Just a trim (again), but some of that mop top has got to be thinned out.

Such a cutie.

Look Ma!  I can touch the ceiling!

16 Months!  Yay!