Friday, January 6, 2012

Science Center Fun!

Ezra had a playdate at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center last Tuesday.  It's on the rotation of Resident Free Tuesdays - each Tuesday, a couple different museums in Balboa Park offer free admission to San Diego County residents (and active duty military).  It's an awesome way to check out the museums and gets us out of the house...done & done!

There's a play area inside the science center that's only for kids aged 0-5.  There's a bunch of different stations, including a 'grocery store,' a learning lab, suction tubes & balls, giant legos, a firetruck, and a lot more.  We put him down as soon as we walked in & he just took off!

He had a great time playing with all the kids (there were about a million there!) and exploring.  Occasionally, he'd look around to see if we were near, but he didn't really seem to care too much ;-)

Here's some pictures we snapped:

Ez & his friend, Sonny, playing at the conveyor belt in the grocery store

I called his name a million times...and he finally turned to look at me - with this look on his face

In the fire truck...

Go, go, go!!

Playing in the pinwheels

He got pretty sleepy & wanted some snuggles.

But soon enough, he was back to playing...

Fun with light boxes!

He kept picking up the mouse, putting it to his ear & saying "Hello?"  (or his version of hello!)

Ez & Sonny playing in the little, little kid area.

So happy, he was squealing!

 I had to include this picture of Jordan...because it's so hilariously awful.

 Playing with the lightening globe outside the play area...


We had so much fun.  The science museum itself is really great, too - we just didn't spend too long at each exhibit (and skipped a ton b/c the boys are still a little young).  After 2+ hours playing, they were ready for nap time ;-)  We'll definitely be going back on the 1st Tuesday of each month & also investing in an annual pass when Ez is a bit older.