Friday, January 13, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes


Yesterday was downright awful.  Ezra was clearly uncomfortable and generally pissed all day.  He wanted to nurse nearly all day and when he didn't want that, he wanted to throw a frustrated fit about something.  It's not even the constant nursing that I mind - it's the on/off/on/off/Ican'tmakeupmymind! that he does.

He refused to eat much of anything.  This is not unlike most days, recently.  But combined with everything else, helped make the day worse.

We didn't leave the house.  He pitched a major fit when I tried to get him on his bike (which is crazy - he LOVES his bike).  Just.  Plain.  Awful.

Today was like sunshine on a bed of rainbows with unicorns and kittens all around.  We dropped Jordan off at work and headed over to one of the many playgrounds in the area.  There, he did some swinging, some running, some eating (milk AND food!!), some sliding, and some playing in the sand.  From there, we drove over to the zoo and strolled around for a couple hours.  He played on the little playground area in the Elephant Odyssey and snacked the whole time.  He was happy and smiley and just generally pleasant.

He even continued his run of happy by playing in the kitchen while I picked up and made dinner.

Not a tantrum or pissy face all day.

I cannot believe the difference a day can make ;-)

Here's a couple pictures I snapped while we were at the zoo...