Monday, August 9, 2010

34 week photos

As I type this, Spork simultaneously has the hiccups and is trying to lodge his/her feet under my ribs, despite my best efforts to continuously push them down. The kid is asking for a time-out.

We got a bit of a reprieve from the heat this weekend, which was nice since Hillcrest's CityFest was Sunday. It was much bigger than I'd expected it to be, complete with continuous live music, a fast-spinning-scary-looking carnival ride that made people (who had been drinking since noon) sick, and tons of vendors. Oh, and lots and lots of people. And dogs. This is San Diego, afterall. Brodie had a great time helping us navigate the crowds, getting pets and giving unsolicited toe/foot/leg licks to unsuspecting people. Thankfully, everyone he surprised with this form of love seemed to be a good sport about it ;-) He also made a few doggie friends, though, surprisingly there was no humping. I expected he'd get in the mood, seeing as how it IS Hillcrest and that sort of thing just makes sense there.

Here's the photos. Jordan is clearly getting as lazy about taking these as I am - notice he doesn't bother to take another if I'm not looking ready/smiling/etc. I think he's ready for this kid to be out, too :-) And if you're wondering, yes, I am due for a haircut. The flatness (especially in the back) is partially due to it being the end of the day and partially because I'm lazy and haven't made an appointment. So there. I may cut it shorter than I did last time. Maybe. We'll see.

Last week I made Pioneer Woman's cornbread to go with some awesome chili I'd made. I'd made her cornbread only once before - to be cubed and made into stuffing (again, PW's recipe) for Thanksgiving last year. It was amazing then and it was even more amazing last week. I'd highly recommend it. It's not a sweet, cakey cornbread. It's more of a traditional cornbread, and though it contains no butter (only shortening), it has an awesome buttery taste. Love.