Monday, August 16, 2010

35 week photos

We're a tad late taking these this week. I'm actually 35 1/2 weeks today. Not like this hasn't happened with about half of the photos, but I thought I'd come clean.

Also, the clothed pics were taken in the clothes I actually wore today instead of jammies this time. I thought I might go back to the days when I showed you what I really look like during normal waking hours ;-)

It was pretty warm today (like, 95 degrees IN my house), so the sumo-wrestler bun was a necessity - not a chosen hairdo. You'll be happy to know that I do have a hair appointment this coming weekend. You're welcome. I'm getting tired of it myself.

If you're wondering where my belly button am I. If it weren't a tad darker than the rest of me, I'd be pretty certain I didn't have one. Crazy.
Late last week, I turned into Paula Dean for a day. We'd acquired some okra from a patient and I figured I'd fry it. Why not? Neither of us had ever had it so it seemed like a good idea. And it was. We'd also gotten a few pounds of peaches from the same person, so I made strawberry-peach cobbler with them, served with vanilla/caramel ice cream, of course. Holy yum. I tried out a different cobbler recipe and I think it's my new favorite. And because a southern meal wouldn't be complete without my miraculous baked macaroni and cheese w/ broccoli, I made that for dinner. It was unbelievable.

I think I gained 3 pounds from my southern dinner experience. It was SO worth it. Don't judge me. A person cannot live on swiss chard, cucumbers and carrots alone. Plus, the baby seemed happy about the whole situation.
I'm happy to announce that we can now safely have the kid.

In other words, we finally bought the car seat. Our color/pattern isn't listed, but it's black and grey (to match the car, of course!). I'd had it all picked out for months and was just waiting (read: procrastinating). But now it's here and though I don't plan on needing it for a little while after the kid is born, we've got it.

I also ordered and received my diaper bag (in platinum) and hanging wet/dry bag for diapers (in lime/cocoa bean). I was pretty excited to get these babies. The diaper bag is both functional and something that Jordan has no issue with carrying. The wet/dry bag is a top-rated product and is known for containing the poop smell from the diapers -- which is a really good thing :-)
We caught Brodie eating grape tomatoes off the plants this evening. It was really cute. I'd seen him do it a few times before, but this time he just kept going and cleared out an entire low-hanging plant. I guess he was hungry for dinner.