Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We caved.

Apparently what we thought was the heat wave of the summer was just the warm-up. This week is the real one. And it's brutal. Even Lucy, who LOVES and thrives in the heat has been miserable. The temperatures have restricted all movement in the house to a minimum, which has had a bad effect on cooking. You try standing over a sauté pan with sweat running off every surface of your body. It's nasty.

San Diego has broken it's records this summer for both the coolest temps and the hottest temps. We're awesome.

So we figured we've had great luck with Craigslist so far, we might as well give it a shot for a simple window A/C unit that we'll use for a month, maybe two. Thankfully, plenty of people are trying to unload theirs. Funny thing though, I checked last night (today, the temps were about 5-10 degrees hotter than last week) and the prices and availability were much better than at 3pm today. Greedy, greedy, greedy ;-)

Too bad the windows in our house are super old won't hold the unit without support and we have to wait for Olaf the Handyman to come help us install it. Thursday. Holy crap. I have the unit sitting in front of me, on the floor right now. Mocking me. I know it'll be glorious once it's nice and cool, but for now, this is torture. Today and tomorrow are slated to be the hottest days this week. Sweet.

Good news? We're set to "cool down" this weekend! Other good news? I baked chocolate chip cookies this morning before the kitchen became unbearably hot. They aren't as puffy and perfect as usual (even at 8am, it's hot in there....butter melts). But deliciousness abounds. Yum.

In other news, I had my (rescheduled) hair cut today...and it's short! I'd been wanting to go short for SO long but was always afraid and never really trusted any of the people that previously cut my hair to make it look good. Thankfully, this guy is amazing and completely trustworthy when it comes to putting your head in his hands ;-) Don't worry, it's not boy-cut short. Just a simple bob. I'll post pics soon.