Sunday, August 22, 2010

36 week photos

We decided to walk around Balboa Park with the dogs this afternoon. I know, big surprise. It was a tad warm, though not quite as hot as it was in the house, so the relative coolness was appreciated by all.

Let's all pretend that these photos were taken post-shower. They weren't. I'm sweaty, shiny, and apparently dirty. Check out the black mark on my shirt from the dog's water bottle strap. Yep, I'm that sloppy pregnant chick. I really didn't notice it until the pictures were taken.

I'm feeling pretty giant these days, and looking the same. The bare-belly shots make me cringe when I see them. The flash doesn't help out the general whiteness of the belly. I'm trying to keep it shielded from the sun for the duration of the pregnancy to help avoid more damage to my already stretched-out skin ;-) You've been warned (again).

Two pretty awesome things happened at Balboa today. The first was that we saw and listened to a man play guitar with his feet. He had no arms, but I'm fairly certain he was better with his toes than most people are with their hands. It was pretty cool. He had quite a crowd and even had some little kid dancing (straight-up, Michael Jackson-style dancing -- the kid was good) along with the music.

Then, apparently today was a huge lowrider show in one of the various parking lots on the park grounds. There were a ton of lowriders with crazy hydraulics - seemingly having competitions to see who could get their car jacked up the highest. It was crazy. The time these people must spend on their cars is unreal. Of course, there was lots of Tejano music, small children running about and a few pitbulls -- you know, just adding to the overall ambiance ;-) Really though, you'd expect nothing less. Fun times and I really wish I'd brought my camera today.

Oh, and we saw the Statutory Grape again while we were there! We first saw this car driving (re: bouncing) through the streets downtown one afternoon not long after we moved to San Diego. It certainly didn't fit in with all the luxury cars and business folk milling around it caught our attention. It's quite a sight.