Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm melting/Make this

It is unbelievably hot right now. I know, it's San Diego and we are spoiled with mild weather for most of the year and it's gorgeous, blah, blah, blah. But we made the mistake of thinking that another summer here with no A/C would be do-able. We were sorely mistaken. This house gets hot (like, sitting in the sun on a really hot day, kind of hot) and retains that heat into the early morning hours. There is no reprieve. I can do hot temperatures when there's a cool place to relax in. I've done my time in Maryland, Florida, and Texas. Who knew sunny SoCal could be so unforgiving for a few days/weeks out of the year?

I'm not giving in, though. I know that the moment we cave and buy a room A/C unit, it'll cool off and we'll never use it again. It's just the way it goes, especially since we've already lived through last summer and we're already at the tail end of this one. I just needed to whine.

And because there is no way in hell I'm adding to the heat by even thinking about turning on the stove/oven, I am pretty excited to be making this salad again tonight. I made it once last summer and, because I didn't pay attention to the shear volume of veggies I was chopping, I ended up eating this salad for approximately 1 week. Solid. Even Jordan liked it.

I will be making a smaller amount tonight. But I wanted to make sure that I put it out there that this salad is awesome and whoever is reading this should try it. Yes, it's another Pioneer Woman recipe, though she took it from Jamie Oliver (who is adorable, by the way). It's worth it. And, if you do decide to try it, definitely use hot peppers in the dressing. You will not regret it. And a lot of cilantro. I happen to have way too much of it growing in the backyard right now - which is what prompted me to make this in the first place.
Not much new stuff going on with the kid. Tomorrow is the first of two possible due dates I've been given, though we've pretty much blown this one off in favor of the mid-September one. Really, it's just a shocker for us that sometime within the next few days to month or so, we'll have a kid. An outside baby. Excited? Yes. Still a little surreal? Yep.