Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's weight....7lbs .5oz! We're getting close to birthweight and Ezra is starting to chunk back up a little bit. I'm thinking his constant eating finally paid off ;-) Today was the first time we have left the house (except to walk to the end of the block with the dogs). Are you aware that buckling a newborn into a car seat is not as easy as practicing with a Cabbage Patch Kid? You certainly aren't as rough with tightening those straps - which means it takes approximately 19 times as long as you think it's going to. We'll get better at it. I just wish that the buckles were as easy to use on this carseat as they were on the convertible seat that is currently sitting in our storage. Damn infant seat. We made it, though. Granted, Vickii's office is literally 5 blocks away...he fell asleep on the way there and was just as content as could be for the ride home.

Brodie has always been known for his 'puppy dreams,' where he whimpers, flails, growls, "runs," barks, etc. Now Ezra has started having them as well. Eyelids fluttering open, silent whimpering (just a frowny face), etc. It's very cute. Okay, it's downright adorable. This kid is great.

We have recently learned to successfully nurse lying down. This seems like a small feat. Considering this kid's appetite, it's monumental to be able to stay in bed for a couple nighttime feedings that I don't feel like getting up for. Definitely helps with my sleep and overall mood the next day ;-)

Tonight, Jordan is accompanying a coworker to an event - Women, Wine and....something...I can't remember the third word. It probably started with a "W." This would fall under the category of "Makes Jeannette Jealous," as he will be enjoying wine, likely for free. I mean, who doesn't love some free wine? Mmmm.

But I get to play with the baby. I win.

Here's an adorable picture of Mr. Perfect.