Friday, October 15, 2010

We are thinking of going to pick out pumpkins tomorrow. I want to make sure to get pictures of Ez with the pumpkins and he may or may not be slightly purple in and around his adorable little mouth for the next few days. We'll be treating a possible yeast problem with some Gentian Violet. Known to stain clothing and temporarily stain skin, it's a bit of a mess but is also very effective. So we'll see how stained he gets and plan accordingly :-) Same goes for our planned trip to Julian to do a bit of apple picking...I can't wait!

Mom's time in San Diego has come and gone. That week flew by. Actually, every week flies by now that Ezra is here, but I know she'd have been happy to hold him (read: steal him) for a few more days. Ezra certainly dictated when and what we were able to do. He's quite the controlling baby ;-) We did manage to make it to Balboa Park to walk around a bit and check out the rose and cactus gardens, on top of the farmer's market, PB, and harbor adventures. Next time, I'm sure we'll get out more.

At Ezra's latest visit with Vickii, he weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 4.5 oz! Not quite as much as she was hoping for, despite his continued nonstop eating, but it's still good. We're hoping to blow her away with some serious gains this week...and I think he can do it.

And since this is the only thing you care about at this's Ezra. Yes, he's sleeping again. He's a newborn. He sleeps. Oh, and the kid has some crazy hair. This photo only shows a bit of the craziness. It's out of control.