Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Purple-People-Eater / Our Little Oompah-Loompah

The past three days, our sweet little baby has taken on a rather beautiful shade of purple around his mouth (and on his clothes, blankets, etc). By morning, it's usually pretty faint, but in the evenings when we've just applied the Gentian Violet, he's as purple as Violet Beauregarde. He looks so pitifully cute. Thankfully, the staining will go away completely in a couple days now that we're done treating (hopefully). He's still purple-esque. We forgot to mention it to the neighbor yesterday who, as we were putting him in the car, got her first look at him. She probably considered calling CPS on me, thinking he's bruised around his little mouth :-/ Here's some pics of him from the afternoon of Day 2 of treatment. It's not so bad, really. But check out his crazy Jack Nicholson-"Heeeeere's Johnny!"-hair. It's insane. It just sticks straight up in some spots, no matter what we do. I think it's from the way I hold him when he's eating. There's just no hope for nice, neat hair for the time being.

I love him.