Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Jumping Lesson

I was on the phone with my mother yesterday while Ezra was jumping away in his Jumperoo.  She was a little unclear on what exactly this crazy contraption is.  Considering I'm her youngest, I suppose I can give her a pass on this one.  Sure, similar toys were available at the time, but everyone knows that the second (and ultimately last) child doesn't get new toys of their own.  Goodness, no.

So, Mom...this is a Jumperoo.  The Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo, to be exact.  Oh, and Ezra.

To answer your question, Yes, it's like the Johnny Jumper that I had.  Except it's free-standing and doesn't require a doorway.  See the round base?  It was the 3 pillars that hold the jumper by springs.  Those are "make-Ezra-jump-and-squeal-with-laughter" springs.  

Here's an example of why they are so named:

He's mid-jump there.  You can tell by his hair ;-)

He's mid-squeal here.  You can tell by his mouth and flailing arms ;-)

And for the rest of you, who already knew what a Jumperoo looked like, here's a cute picture of the boy.  Just for funsies.

That smile.


Gets me every time.