Friday, May 7, 2010

Homemade goodies and startling revelations

I'm doing something that I never thought I'd do. Never even crossed my mind.

I'm boiling diapers.

I got my 4 dozen Green Mountain Prefold Diapers today and was just itching to get them prepped. I know how sad that sounds. But they start off so flat and rough and I just couldn't wait to see them triple in size and get all different kinds of soft & quilty. I got 1 dozen of each size - that way we're adding to our stash without having too many of each type (fitteds, prefolds, etc).

This baby is making me say things like 'quilty,' and getting me irrationally excited about things like this. I'm done for.

I've also been working on making my very own cloth wipes. I'm not a good sewer by any means (as evidenced by 2 broken needles, lots of wasted knots of thread) and I have gotten pretty close to tossing the sewing machine out the back door. That said, I've got some cute wipes now. They're far from perfect, but since I'll be wiping a butt with them...I'm thinking they'll work just fine ;-)
So far, I have 8 - 8x8 terry/flannel, 10 - 6x6 terry/flannel, and 4 - 4x4 double-sided flannel. Plus I'm currently working on a set of 7x7 flannel/cotton. I've got a bunch more to make, but I'm pretty excited to share these.

And, because I'm equally excited about food, you should know that I have 2 pizza doughs rising and getting delicious in my kitchen as I type this. One is rosemary and the other is thyme...and neither will be ready until at least tomorrow evening. These things only get better with time and, as long as I have the patience, I'll be waiting it out. They will certainly make some awesome pizza crusts. The recipe is from my favorite - Pioneer Woman. Simple and yummy.

Because you're likely here just for the baby news, I'll let you in on a little tidbit from today. Jordan got to hear the baby's heartbeat using a fetoscope today! I tried a few times, but couldn't hear a thing besides my own gut and the wooooooshing of the placenta (sorry, I know). Jordan and the midwife both thought I was crazy for not hearing it. Either way, it's pretty cool. I mean, we were pretty sure there was a baby in there. Now we're positive :-)