Saturday, May 1, 2010

21/24 weeks

Here's some pics from this week. I feel giant. It doesn't look like I should feel giant, but I do. I'm pretty sure I'm going to explode any minute. Not complaining, just commenting on my overall stretched out feeling.

Let's also notice that my belly button is getting flatter by the day. Oh, and those old belly button piercing holes? They are supremely stretched out, though, I'm surprised they even still exist. I haven't pushed any metal through it in about 8 years. And if you think your eyes may be playing tricks on you, they're not. All that wonderful light-colored peach fuzz that keeps me toasty is still there on my belly, only I'm noticing that I'm getting quite the tiger stripe straight down the center. Only dark there. Nice. So far, it's just the fuzz -- no skin discoloration. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stops with that.

That's enough grossing you out for now.
And just to clear up any confusion, we did decide awhile back to go with the homebirth midwife. It made the most sense to us and we're completely happy with her. She's awesome.