Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's cupcake time!

I walked in the living room at a bad time. Someone on television was making coconut cupcakes, which means that I needed to make coconut cupcakes. Immediately. Thankfully, Jordan came home from work for lunch, so I was able to run out and grab the few ingredients I needed. And I'm oh-so happy that I did!

Here's the recipe I decided to go with. I chose this one because the idea of using coconut milk as the liquid made me 5 different shades of happy in my happy place. And you simply can't go wrong with cream cheese frosting. Ever. Plus it didn't require much time or effort on my part. Because when you want coconut cupcakes, you want them now. Not 7 hours from now.

They turned out to be just as good as I'd expected! The cream cheese frosting keeps it from being just a too-sweet cupcake (although they are perfectly sweet). I added extra coconut to the frosting, too - just to make sure I was getting my full daily requirement of coconut ;-) The cupcake is not as light and airy as a normal cupcake - maybe because of the heaviness of the coconut milk? I think next time I'll try using cake flour instead. Still, it didn't take anything away from the overall taste - they're awesome.