Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, Martha.

Again, I realize I started this to keep up with the pregnancy. But let's face it - I like food. A lot. And I like to cook. It goes well with the liking of food.

I got a recipe from the one and only 'Martha' show the other day and decided to try it out. It was the No-Nuttin' granola bars and they turned out pretty darn good (I did not bother getting dairy-free chocolate chips. That just seems wrong). Seriously could not be easier and there can be so many variations, I doubt I'll get bored of trying new additions for awhile. I mean, it's granola. You can't go wrong. Except that I kind of did go wrong with the first batch. A little hint - if it's a warm day, don't add your chocolate chips to the top until the granola is MORE than cool to the touch. I ended up having to shove them into the fridge to harden because the chocolate was melting. Now they're pretty hard (think Rice Krispie treats that have been frozen). Still good, but I've learned my lesson. Considering we're air-conditioning-challenged here, I doubt that my next few batches will contain anything that can melt. I'm having awful flashbacks to my Rosemary Shortbread cookie-making day last summer. Butter-heavy recipes in a 90+ degree kitchen? Not again. They turned out delicious, but it took all day long because the dough warms up so quickly and I had to keep putting it in the fridge to firm up.

By the way, Martha is hilarious. I don't suspect that she's always trying to be funny, but she is. Oh, and bonus if she's cooking with alcohol. That woman can't stop 'tasting' the beer, wine, liquor that she's using. Prison definitely hardened her and I'm a BIG fan.

I finally have a reason (as if I really need a reason to make this stuff) to make these. Naturally, I'll be making a vegetarian version (arugula + gruyere?) , but I'm sure at some point I'll find a reason to make the meat-laden ones as well. They just sound so delicious. I'm super excited and may even remember to report back on just how awesome they are ;-)

And just to add a little baby news, Spork seems to be getting bigger these days. Or at least moving around more often because the kicks/jabs/twists and turns have become more frequent AND Jordan can feel them too! Still not super-frequent, but definitely getting more so.