Monday, January 17, 2011

Adventures in Resetting Clocks

Here's a shot of Ezra at 2 o'clock on Sunday morning.

This would be the reason for the following post...
I'd like to present to you a little something that I like to call "Keeping-Ezra-awake-all-day-with-minimal-downtime-so-that-he'll-go-to-sleep-sometime-before-3am-and-not want-to sleep-till-noon."

I played with my butterfly. When I say play, I mean I mostly tried to eat it.

Here I am right before we headed out the door to take Brodie for a walk. I'm only 3.5 months old and Mom's already making me walk the dog. This is crap. I'd also like to add that I wasn't allowed in my Moby today because I tend to fall asleep approximately 45 seconds after I get in it.

Okay, so the walk wasn't that bad. It was pretty great.

I went to Von's to pick up a few things for dinner. Not my dinner, of course.

Here's me with Mom.

Check it out - Dad is like a human Bumbo!

Chillin with my Dad. He's a funny guy.

Then I examined Dad's knee for awhile.

I can fly!

Diapa-diapa-diaper change time!

I attacked the monkey...

Then that damn monkey attacked me...

Then Mom put my jammies on me while I played with my singing puppy, Frank. I don't look like it here, but I really love him.

Check it out - I can ride Lucy.

Oh hey. I like to stand up, too.

I wore Dad out but I'm not tired yeeettttt!

And I'm back to "playing" with my butterfly while Mom washed dishes. Yum.

Look! Another diaper! Thank goodness Mom didn't take pictures of every one, huh?

I'm still a bit too little for this awesome toy from Adam & Lorianne , but I like to try (with a little help from a blanket to help bolster me!)

I'm laughing at Mom in this one because she's singing along with Frank and, well, Mom's singing is funny. And by funny, I mean bad.

Sometimes a guy just wants to hang out in his Bumbo with his Mozart music cube.

I hung out in my sling & helped Mom put dishes away. Don't mind the wet spot on her shirt, it's just a little magic that I left for her.

Later, me and Mom got our Suess on.

I did a lot of eating throughout the day but we thought we'd skip pictures of that.

I'd like to add that it's 1:30am and Mini-Man is still awake, though drowsy. Cross your fingers that this next catnap turns into some full-on, blissful sleep :-)