Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 Months!

Holy. Crap.

My sweet little boy is 4 months old today. Unbelievable.

He's getting SO big now. He's out of almost all of his Newborn-sized clothing (still rockin' a few pieces), he eats like a champ now, he plays with toys, rolls over, giggles at some things and outright laughs at others, scoots on his belly, sits for story-time, plays with his toes...I'm pretty sure college is right around the corner, no?

He is beyond awesome and we are both well aware of just how lucky we are to have a kid like him.

Here's some of his special 4 Month pictures...

And here's a few we snapped at the zoo today. It was a beautiful day - perfect weather for the zoo and a perfect way to celebrate Ez's 4 months. He really seemed to enjoy it this time and actually looked at animals instead of falling asleep ;-) I'm pretty sure that being in the stroller, not the Moby, helped that.
I'd also like to point out that Jordan, despite my explaining our morning routine, failed to wet & comb Mini-Man's hair so that it would be somewhat manageable. Nope. He claims that "Dad doesn't do hair." Mm-hmm.