Thursday, January 13, 2011

A weight update and a couple pictures!

Have I mentioned lately how awesome our midwife is?

My kid is almost 4 months old but I got a little nervous about some overly sleepy days with less eating and pooping, followed by a new pattern of eating a little less in general. I know...he's a baby. Everyday can be completely different, Having micromanaged his growth for the first few months, I guess I get a little anxious when a new pattern develops or we have a strange few days. I've tried weighing him using our bathroom scale, but that thing is on it's way out anyways, so it's unreliable at best.

Vickii's great. She humored me and let me go in to weigh Mini-Man at her office.

And guess what? The kid is doing good! Still averaging about a half an ounce gain a day, we're up to 12lbs 2oz.

I'll officially stop being a nazi about his weight, barring anything crazy happening, of course ;-)

We are all set to go to TX for the wedding at the end of the month, save for Ezra's outfit for the big day. I have yet to find something cute, season-appropriate for an outdoor wedding that actually fits him. He's all over the place with clothing these days. He's still fitting nicely in some NB sized onesies and shirts, mostly wearing 0-3mo, and is even wearing some 3mo and 3-6mo sleepers. Those are mostly because he wears his big-boy diapers at night, so we need the extra tushy-room :-) Perhaps we'll just go old-school-Baby-Jesus-style and just wrap him in a nice blanket & be done with it...
Easy-E just woke up from his catnap and wanted to show off his latest and greatest new thing --

He finally sits in his Bumbo (without looking at me like I'm punishing him)! He was also simultaneously telling me the noise the owl makes.

And this one is just to show you his gangsta-lean.