Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas, Part II

Clearly I didn't get around to posting yesterday. And, it's getting late tonight & Mr. Man is being extra needy today after our long day of traveling yesterday, so we'll see if this actually posts tonight or tomorrow ;-)

Today has been a crazy day of trying to do too many completely different things. I'd like to mention that one of those things was shopping for teething toys. Yes, I said teething toys. The constant stream of drool has given way to a constant need to chew & suck, along with some fussiness in the evenings -- all of which, I'm told, means the teeth they are a comin' some point. I'm also told that this can go on for months before teeth actually show up. So, we're ready. We got a Sophie the Giraffe and a couple other chilly/vibrating/semi-soft, semi-rubbery toys for him to gum up. So far, Sophie is the favorite. I'm thinking the chilly one will be a close second once those gums start swelling.
Now, it's on to the pictures from our time in Maine:

Here's a shot of Ez with his Grandma Becky...

This is a cute one -- Ezra with his cousin, Ellie. She's just a little older than him, but they're bound to be best buds...from across the country.

This would be me, Mom, and Ez. I know, you can't see him. He's in there -- all snuggled up in his Moby and covered in his Peekaru. I know. I look a tad crazy, but I love to wear him and we had to stay warm somehow.

Jordan, Josh and Dad out in the snow.

Easy-E takes his pool-playing very seriously.

They look a lot alike these days...

Caught him mid-yawn!

My kid has a love affair with his own hands.

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades!
(Seriously, who didn't get that on a birthday card as a kid?)

We had an awesome time in Maine. It was SO great seeing everyone and we're so happy that Ez got to meet so much of my side of the family.