Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recipes, Diapers, and Pictures - Oh My!

A couple recipe reviews...

I'd been craving brussels sprouts for awhile now. I know that my mother is going to need to read that one a few times for it to sink in. Brussels sprouts were probably the only vegetable that I wasn't a huge fan of as a kid. But when I came across this recipe, I decided that they look delicious and need to be made immediately. Turns out, they were...and they did! I mean, you add a little parmesan to anything and it instantly makes it delicious, right?

I made this last night to go along with some delicious but rather unimaginative enchiladas. I wasn't expecting much from it, but I was really surprised by how awesome it was. You really need to make it soon. I added a little extra lime juice and cumin and used plain quinoa (because that's all I had), but otherwise, the recipe is just perfect as-is. And it works on it's own as a snack or as a side dish. Just do it.

Ezra's new diapers came in the mail a couple days ago. I can't lie, I was so freakin excited to get that package. I LOVE getting new diapers and diaper accessories ;-) It's a problem.

So I ordered him 8 Kawaii Minky Bamboo diapers. I got 4 Blue Label and 4 Mom Label - the differences are pretty minor but I wanted to try both. Each came with 2 bamboo inserts. My only (minor) complaint so far is that "Peach Red" turned out to be "Hot Pink". Like, clear as day, hot pink. No matter - Wee-Man looks good in anything and can rock some pink diapers like it's his job.

They're One-Size diapers, so they can snap down for him while he's still itty-bitty and will grow with him up to 35lbs. And being pocket diapers, they can be stuffed to capacity for long stretches (nighttime, naptime) and he'll stay comfy. The material is organic bamboo and it's just as soft as his Goodmama organic bamboo velour diapers, but feels more silk-like. Pretty awesome and I'm a tad jealous that he gets such soft, plush things on his bottom ;-)

I'm sure that only 2% of the people reading this actually cared to know all that. You're welcome, 2%. For the rest of you, you'll be ready when Alex Trebek announces the cateogory, "All About Cloth Diapers." And you're welcome.

So here's the Baby Formerly Known as Spork modeling the Ocean Blue colored Blue Label.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a cute shot of the babe after his bath tonight. He LOVES baths. I can't wait to take him swimming and see if the love carries over to pools and beaches ;-)

Angus Young or Ezra?