Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think Mini-Man is working his way through a bit of a growth spurt lately. He's been sleeping and eating nonstop for days now. We can barely get 10 minutes of playtime in before he's ready to have a snack and a nap again.

Nighttime has gotten exponentially better recently, too. He still eats a couple times a night but manages to do it while mostly asleep...which means I can wake up just long enough for each snack and doze off myself. It's nice not to have to entertain a kid at 3am ;-)

But all this new daytime napping comes with a bit of a string attached -- 90% of the time, he wakes up (and the cycle begins again) if I take him off my lap. This means I'm back to being tied to the rocker or couch for over half the day.

The silver lining? I get more snuggle time with the boy. Always a plus.

Did you notice the ridiculously high-pitched squeals he belted out in those videos I posted? Holy cow, the kid LOVES to do his happy screams. He does them at Frank (the singing puppy) during diaperless time in the morning and it's just too cute. He has also started "singing" along with Frank. Lots of Ooooooo Oooooooo and Aaaahhhhs. I melt.

We picked him up a Jumperoo the other day. I know that I said I wouldn't, but he had such a good time in it at a friend's house that I had to. He looks so damn proud of himself when he jumps! Rest assured though, for every time he plays in the jumperoo, he owes me twice the sitting up practice and tummy-time ;-)

And here you go.

Don't mind his hair. I have to wet it and comb it down to his head as it dries in order to get it to kind of stay put. I took this just after I'd started the process, so he looks a little silly. Check out the outfit, though. Super cute plaid shorts, huh?

Here's my guy after his bath, rocking his duck robe. Too sweet.