Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop Sweating in the Risotto!

Tonight, I made this mushroom risotto.  Vegetarian, of course - which only meant veggie stock in place of chicken broth in this case.  We both really liked it.  Lots of mushrooms, rich, earthy flavor...definitely something I'll make again.

If you know me, you know that I love Gordon Ramsay.  So, naturally, the entire time I was making the risotto, I kept hearing Chef Ramsay shouting Bloody hell!  You're sweating in the risotto!  You donkey!  And then I started hearing it as my brother doing his (bad) rendition of Chef Ramsay.  Then I started laughing.

We spent another afternoon looking around at some new places.  I'm finding that my love for San Diego is growing - it's just so great to keep finding these little pockets of awesome throughout the city.  Now if only a house the size of my first (one-bedroom!) apartment didn't cost a not-so-small-fortune, we'd be all set :)

Here's a few pictures we snapped of the boy.