Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding Recap, et cetra

Oh my.

Last weekend, we attended (and were a part of) the wedding of a couple of dear friends, Jenna & Travis. It was perfect. Set in the Texas Hill Country, the ceremony was outside on the river. Though the forecast called for a 50% chance of rain, it remained dry and cool. The bride, though always beautiful, was absolutely stunning...and Travis wasn't half bad either ;-)

The whole weekend was planned - from a bridal luncheon for the girls to pheasant & quail hunting for the boys. Ezra managed pretty well, despite being having his whole (new) schedule turned completely upside-down. He was loved up on by some super-awesome members of Jenna's family during the rehearsal and the wedding. Seriously, they loved him and he adored them :-) He even charmed both beauty queens - the former and current Miss New Mexico -- the kid is good.

I did manage to forget my camera for 99% of the weekend. I am kicking myself just thinking of all the great photo opportunities we missed out on. Then, when I did finally remember to grab the camera from the diaper bag at the end of the reception, my battery died after about 5 shots. Awesome.

Here's Jordan & Ez.

And here's me and my man.
The flights in and out were mostly uneventful. Surprising for us, I know. Something we did find out about and promptly took advantage of was the ability to skip the whole security line. Did you know you can do that with a baby? Me neither. We also took advantage of family preboarding since we were flying Southwest and had to sit 6 rows apart (in middle seats, no less) on the flight there. Ever nursed a baby that likes to kick when he eats whilst sitting between two larger sized people? I mention their size because arm rests couldn't be put down, so I sat for 3 hrs with E's head cradled in my completely numb arm while he kicked the lady next to us. And because we were split up, Jordan had both my book and my ipod with him, while I had nothing but Easy-E to help me pass the time. Thankfully, he's a great little traveler.

Congratulations are in order! Jordan's brother and his love welcomed little Elijah into the world approximately 3 weeks ago! He's a cutie and we're so excited for them.
Congrats, guys :-)

Here's E-man doing what he does best. Being cute.

Man, I have the most unhappy kid ever.

I've noticed that about 94% of the pictures I post are of Ezra in his green lounger. He really doesn't spend much time in it at all. It's really just when I want to take pics of him that he goes into it, especially since most of the time it's just me and him.

And here's a few of Little Man doing something else he's been loving these days...standing up (with help, of course).
He's up!

He's coming...he's coming to getcha!

Aaand he's down.