Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty good.  Saturday, Ez got to meet his Great Grandma Ann!  She was visiting some family up in LA, so she came down to spend the afternoon with us.  We had lunch at one of our favorites, Hash's a picture I snapped of the three of them.

LOVE that woman.  She's so great.  We only wished we'd had more time to spend with her.

And here's a shot of Jordan working on Grandma.

Sunday, we drove around looking at some possible places to live.  Our lease is up soon and we simply can't stay cooped up in this tiny house any longer.  Not with the growing piles of baby things accumulating.  I really wish this place was roomier (and had more storage...and counter space...and cupboards) because I like the neighborhood, the neighbors, and the central location of it.  We're looking at Hillcrest, North Park, and South Park.  We really love those areas, so hopefully we'll find something awesome in the next couple weeks :)