Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Months!


My sweet little baby is 10 months old today!  Double digits!  

He's getting so big, so fast...I'm not sure that my brain can fully comprehend it.  I'm actually planning his 1st Birthday.  Really?  Really??

What's going on in Ezra's world these days, you ask?  

*Mini-Man is a crawling machine! get to everything.  
*He loves to pull up on us.
*Favorite foods of late?  Peaches, pears, cucumbers, and summer squash.  
*He's starting to give high-fives!  
*His smiles (with all 4 front teeth, by the way!) can melt ice.  Seriously.
*He gets super excited when we read together.
*His love for Mommy and Daddy is only slightly more evident than his love for DJ Lance Rock ;-)
*Little Man is wearing 3-6 month all the way up to 18 month clothing.  
*He's a world-class kisser!  Okay, really, he just leans in with his mouth open wide...but he is cute as hell when he does it :)
*His favorite toys are Potsy, trucks, Frank the Singing Puppy, and his stacking rings.
*He is so freaking smart and sweet and cuddly and beautiful.  And beyond amazing.  And I tell him every single day.